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Tips for traveling one on one with your child

Traveling One-On-One With Your Child

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Traveling together as a family is always a fun vacation, but there is also something special and memorable about a parent traveling one-on-one with a single child. Here are some thoughts if you or your spouse are considering planning a trip with your child.

Why Travel With Just One Child

1.  Traveling alone with your child gives you the chance to spend quality time with your son or daughter and to really talk and listen without interruptions from your spouse and other kids.

2.  Your child will have the opportunity to experience things that are important to them, but maybe not a priority for other members of your family. This past year my husband took our son on a ski trip and then took our daughter to New York City to visit the American Girl store. Neither one would have enjoyed the other’s trip as much as they did their own special adventure with Dad.

3.  It’s a chance for your child to participate in age-appropriate activities without worrying about older or younger siblings. For example, by taking your oldest to an amusement park you can ride all the rides without worrying about the heights of younger siblings.

Tips for Traveling With One Child

1.  Consider making the trip around a special event like a birthday or graduation.

2.  Think about giving your son or daughter parameters you are comfortable with, and then asking if there are any activities, events or places he or she would like to visit. This way your child is included in some parts of the planning process.

3.  If you are traveling with a child of the opposite sex, plan your bathroom breaks in advance so that you don’t find yourselves separated at a roadside rest stop.

4.  If you are leaving siblings at home, think about reassuring them that you will also spend time with them at another point, even if it’s only a trip for frozen yogurt.

5.  Take pictures! You will both want to remember this special trip together.

Taking a one-on-one trip with your child gives you something fun to plan and look forward to before the trip, an enjoyable vacation while it’s going on, and cherished memories when it’s over.

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