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Tips for Packing Light

4 Tips for Packing Light

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I once saw a woman waiting to board a plane with a jacket thrown over her arm and a large-sized purse on her shoulder. That was it. She looked so effortlessly mobile! I vowed to find a way to travel lighter even though I had kids with me. Here are a few of my tips for packing lighter and moving easier.

Don’t Carry It – Ship It!

When my kids were smaller, I found that it was a huge space-saver to order diapers, baby food, and other consumables from a local grocery delivery service. Now, I use my Amazon Prime account to get what I need delivered to my hotel with free two-day shipping. If you have a Target credit card, shipping is also free on Target.com. Call ahead and check with the hotel for any policies they might have regarding deliveries.

Leave Stuff at Home

I would daresay that we all pack way more stuff than we need. Carefully go through your clothes and shoes. What do you have that you most likely won’t need? What could pull “double duty” and eliminate something else from your suitcase? When I really look through what I pack with a critical eye, I can often get by with much less than I thought.

Be Reasonable About Your Flight

In addition to over-packing our suitcase, I am also bad about over-packing for a flight. When you really think about it, how much do you need for a two- or three-hour domestic flight? A light snack and a book will take care of most adults. For a child, a movie or a coloring book could take up that much time.

Pack Smart

Once you have your items pared down to only what you’ll really need, be smart about how you put things in your suitcase. YouTube is full of videos showing different ways to fold, roll, stack, and stuff things into a small suitcase. It all boils down to the principle of not letting any space go to waste. If you are packing a pair of tennis shoes, roll your socks and stuff them inside. Utilize packing cubes to keep things neat and organized. Be efficient with everything you place in your suitcase, and you will be able to put more into a smaller space.

While I might not ever get down to just a jacket and purse when I board a plane, my family has made great strides towards lightening our load. Packing light naturally gets easier as kids get older, but I have also become a little wiser about what I take and how I take it.

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