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10 Tips for Multi Generational Family Vacations

10 Tips for Multigenerational Family Vacations

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Family travel is fun and exciting but can be challenging as well, especially when you are traveling with small children and older adults. The beauty is, with some planning, you can have an amazing vacation that includes children and grandparents and still keep your sanity. Traveling with grandparents will give them, as well as you and your children, memories that will last forever. The following are some suggestions to pull off the trip of a lifetime.

1. Determine everyone’s travel abilities

Grandma might need to take more frequent rest breaks, and your kids may require more entertainment to keep them from getting restless.

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2. Do Your Research

Research the destination and the method of travel and determine how to accommodate any special needs your are presented with.

3. Arrange any special services required

Schedule assistance with the airlines for ease of transfer from one gate to another, and if necessary, plan to rent a mobility device at your final destination.

4. Medication Management

Prepare ahead of time to coordinate any medical needs and set reminders. If you take prescription medications at home, most likely you have a system and it works well. Try to emulate that when you travel because it is easy to forget.

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5. Pack Lightly

The more people that are traveling, the more luggage you will have. Keep it simple and enjoy each other without having the hassle of keeping up with extra bags. I remember when my husband’s grandmother traveled with us, we’d have several bags and she’d have one small suitcase. We learned so much about simplifying on that trip.

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6. Plan for some down time

Older adults most likely aren’t going to have the same stamina as your children. Plan ahead for some rest time and everyone will be more comfortable.

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7. Plan activities the entire family can enjoy

Visit low key attractions such as museums, aquariums and zoos, and bring along some board games and cards for evening family entertainment.

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8. Take plenty of photos

These will be priceless souvenirs for you and your children, and I can promise you grandparents will love sharing photos with their friends.

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9. Expect the unexpected

Things happen, plans change and adaptations need to be made. As long as you know this and take a deep breath, you can either redirect mishaps before they happen or deal with them better when they do.

10. Relax

Don’t stress, and savor the moment. Life is too short so find more things to smile about than worry about.

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