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Staying Health While Traveling

Staying Healthy While Traveling

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Traveling on a family vacation is something we all look forward to, and it is such a shame when someone in the family gets sick. Here are some tips to help you and your family stay healthy while traveling.

 1. Get enough sleep

Consistently getting less sleep than you need can leave you feeling tired and sluggish, and even worse it may lower your immune system so that you get sick. It is easy to stay out late on vacation, but remember that kids need 10-12 hours of sleep each night so try to make it home early some nights so everyone can stay on schedule.

Tip: Bring the kids’ favorite stuffed animal and bedtime book to make it easier to go to bed and fall asleep in an unfamiliar place.

2. Avoid Germs

Between flying, using bathrooms on highway rest stops, and enjoying hands-on activities at museums and amusement parks, you and your family will be exposed to more germs than you care to think about! It’s always a good idea to wash your hands as much as possible and to bring hand sanitizer for those times you can’t get to a bathroom.

Tip: Besides hand sanitizer, pack antibacterial wipes to use on airplane food trays, fast food restaurant tables, and the television remote in your hotel room.

3.  Eating Healthy While Traveling

It is a real treat to eat breakfast at the hotel buffet and eat out in restaurants while you are traveling, but eating foods high in calories, fat and sodium for several days straight can make you feel less than your best. A good idea is to eat as closely as possible to how you eat at home even when on vacation.


  1. Bring some of your favorite healthy snacks from home to enjoy between meals.
  2. Seek out a few restaurants where you know you can eat simple and healthy meals.

4. Remember to fit in exercise

Traveling can make it hard to stick to an exercise routine but staying active will make you feel better and even stimulates the immune system so try to fit in some physical activity every day.


  1. Working out in a hotel gym is great, but walking around your destination during the day also counts as exercise.
  2. Remember some exercises like sit-ups and squats can even be done in your hotel room. Include the kids in a few exercises as well!

With these tips in mind you should have an easier time staying healthy while traveling!

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