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Prevent a lost child in a crowd

6 Tips to Prevent a Lost Child in a Crowd

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I could have been the spokesmodel for getting lost from my parents when I was a child. Looking back, it happened so frequently that it’s probably the reason I am extroverted. I had to talk to many strangers and rely on their assistance to find my lost parents.

Because of my past experiences, we may or may not have gone to extremes with our child to avoid being separated from him. The following is a list of suggestions to avoid getting lost and how to reunite if the inevitable happens.

How to Prevent Your Kids from Getting Lost

1. Wear brightly colored clothing

In a group environment, my family stands out in our bright yellows or reds. It makes it easier to scan the crowd looking for each other.

2. Take a Picture

Snap photos of your children when you head out for the day. This will serve more than one purpose: you will be able to show others exactly what they are wearing and give them a visual of the child they are looking for.

3. Provide identification for your child

Our methods sometimes fall into the extremes I mentioned earlier. Before our first visit to a festival, my husband wrote our cell phone number and our names on my son’s leg…with a Sharpie marker. He’s 13 now and it has almost worn off.

We graduated from Sharpies to a more refined approach and one that I still like. We had our name, phone number and the name of our hotel engraved on a tag at the pet shop. He wore it tied in his shoelaces so he could show it to someone if necessary. The hotel name was important to us because our cell phones don’t always work when traveling internationally.

4. Designate a meeting spot

Whenever we visit an amusement park, the first thing we do is find a meeting point where we will go at the top of every hour if we get separated. This works well now that our child is older, but we used this from the moment our son was able to understand the concept. When he was younger, we taught him to speak with an employee and request assistance getting to the meeting place.

5. Always use the buddy system

In our case, there are three of us. So if one of us had to go to the bathroom, all three would go and the other two would wait together outside the door.

6. Don’t panic

You will not be helpful to others if you can’t explain what has happened.

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How to Prevent a Lost Child in a Crowd

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