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How to Post Pictures and Share Vacation Photos Online

How to Capture and Post Your Very Best Vacation Photos

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In our world of social media, it’s considered taboo not to share vacation photos in real time. Having the proper photography gear and technology can help you garner those Facebook “Likes” faster and easier.

As a former photographer, I am extremely picky about the photos I post and what I choose to represent my work. I have found that having the right tools in my camera bag really help me share my best work. Check out my top photography recommendations for traveling.

5 Must-Have Items to Post Pictures and Share Vacation Photos

1. Camera

Of course this is a must-have. Whether it’s your iPhone, a point and shoot or a fancy DSLR, you must have a camera in order to take proper pictures. I know this sounds silly, and I joke a little here, but the type of camera you have is actually pretty important in getting beautiful photos.

Do your research. An iPhone can do a great job, but you can’t print photos in large scale. The same may also be true for an inexpensive point and shoot. Be sure to find something that has great reviews, a high megapixel range, image stabilization, and can shoot well in low light.

2. Wi-Fi enabled memory card

Many modern cameras are equipped with Wi-Fi enabled uploading. I highly recommend this feature; however, if your camera (like mine) does not have this function, you can purchase a Wi-Fi enabled memory card. This streamlines the uploading process, and you will have access to your photos within minutes of connecting.

I have found that this is the single most ground breaking technology for me personally. It has cut down my editing time and helps me share my photos with friends and family faster.

3. Pic Tap Go

This is my favorite editing app, outside of Photoshop. I have this app on my iPad and my iPhone for quick social media sharing. You can make adjustments on color and lighting as well as apply filters.

My motto for filters is: less is more. The filters can help set a mood, but don’t let them distract from your original shot. Within minutes, you can share your photo on several social media platforms.

4. Camera Strap Cover

This only applies to actual cameras (not phones). Lugging a large camera around your neck can wreak havoc on your back and cause pain in your neck. A supportive camera strap cover that is padded will really help ease your discomfort.

If you are handy with a sewing machine, they are simple to make, all you need is some fabric and thin batting. If you aren’t into sewing, you can find some really cute and affordable options on Etsy.

5. Getting Prints

Don’t leave those photos stuck on your camera or in Facebook land. There are so many other ways to show off your work.

Shutterfly makes beautiful coffee table books; you can design them yourself or have them do it for you. Chatbooks lets you print right from your Instagram feed or photo albums on your phone. They feature a small 5×5 book that is a great way to showcase your travels.

You can also let Canvas on Demand create a gorgeous canvas that will look stunning on your wall. And of course, you can always go the simple route, order prints directly from a printer and create your very own photo album or scrapbook. Mpix offers great prices and beautiful prints delivered to your doorstep.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to capture your vacation like a pro, a good camera and a little technology go a long way.

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How to Post Pictures | Share Vacation Photos Online

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