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Packing List for Kids – What We Can’t Live Without!

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Toiletries, Kindle, cell phones, electronics chargers, makeup, change of undies.  What one item can we not live without on a trip?  Absolutely, without a doubt, it is our kids’ travel bags!

Part of trip planning in our family involves “preparing the bags.”  We have two children, ages 10 and 6, who are very good travelers.  We’ve traveled many times on short day trips or weekend getaways, but I base my assertion on the fact that we traveled almost 3,000 miles in 18 days a few summers ago.  In a very tightly packed SUV.  Without any bloodshed.  I attribute that to having very well-planned and packed travel bags.  Each girl has one and they are responsible for keeping up with it, letting me know about any problems (markers dry, sketch books full, etc.).

Kids Travel Bag Contents:

  • Supplies: Pens, pencils, crayons, markers, and colored pencils in a zipper pouch.
  • Activity books and coloring books: There are some that are more intricate and detailed, which require more time and attention.
  • Journal: Each girl has a journal and must write in it after every attraction, site, or event, especially important when we get back in the car and continue driving.
  • Art sketch book: A drawing or sketch is required for each journal entry.
  • Games: Deck of cards, Uno, Skipbo, travel sized board games.
  • Digital camera: Each girl has her own digital camera to document the trip through her eyes.
  • Book or Kindle
  • Nintendo 3DS: Though I rarely allow them to carry the 3DS and require them to engage in conversation and family time.

I’ve used several different bags, but our current bags are my favorite.  I bought Land’s End medium canvas bags with zippers in their favorite colors and had them monogrammed with their initials.  They are a perfect size for the girls to carry on their own. They are an ideal size to carry on a flight, and the zippers mean things don’t spill out in the floorboard of the car or get loose in the overhead bins.  They are my dream bags!

A little organization makes the trip more than merely endurable — our trips are enjoyable!

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