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3 fun games to play in the car

3 Unplugged Boredom Busters for Lively Road Trips

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There are times that demand quiet, like when the unrolled carpet of scenery moves by the car window and you simply want to take it all in. I find myself getting lost in the ocean view, the mountain range or the lush band of trees. Then the kids look up from their digital screens and exclaim, “We’re bored!” or if we’re out in the middle of nowhere, “I have to go potty!” While the latter likely has every parent reading this nodding their heads, I’m going to give you three ideas for dealing with the former and in the process make family road trips a bit more lively.

3 Fun Games to Play in the Car

Trip Talk Box of Questions

This little box of questions fosters both silly and serious conversations about travel. Our kids love hearing about our travel adventures of our youth, how we’ve handled challenges while traveling, and whether we’d want to be airline pilots. Every question pulled from this box gives kids an opportunity to learn something new about their parents and to gain perspective on the travel experience.

Games to Play in the Car - Trip Talk Box

Start lively conversations with the Trip Talk Box of Questions, one of our favorite games to play in the car.

52 Fun Things to do in the Car

A great way to snuff out the repeated exclamation, “Are we there yet?”, this box may be little but it is loaded with plenty of activities that will have everyone in the car laughing and using their imaginations. From guessing games and sightseeing challenges to tongue twisters and art projects that can be done within the confines of the car, “I’m bored,” are two words you will never hear!

Crayola Window Markers

Let the kids create a mural on the car windows. My kids love the rebellious naughtiness of drawing on the glass. What they don’t know is that I’m tricking them into looking out the car windows so they see the world we’re passing through and make it a little more colorful at the same time. Don’t worry about your windows, these markers wash right off the glass!

Games to Play in the Car - window markers

Your kids can create works of art while exploring the world around them with these fun erasable window markers.

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