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Five Healthy Snack Ideas for Traveling with Kids

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Packing on-the-go snacks doesn’t need to compromise being healthy. It can also be fun! Here are five healthy snack ideas for traveling with kids.

1. Make a necklace

This is especially fun for your younger ones. All you need is “O” shaped cereal and string. Measure the string by making sure that is slightly longer the measurement of the child’s head. String the cereal and then tie the string in a knot. You might want to do this the night before, because tiny hands need patience.

2. Little Breakfast Lovers

Toast whole wheat waffles, place thinly sliced bananas on top of one of the waffles. Drizzle a little syrup on it and top it with the other waffle to make a sandwich. Wrap it napkin and seal it in a sandwich bag.

3. String Cheese

Who doesn’t love this stringy healthy snack? For more of a substantial snack, try wrapping the cheese with a slice of deli turkey or ham. No toothpicks needed. Just store them with seam side down.

4. The Fastest Food

Not that type of fast food! The ultimate and original fast food…FRUIT! Think about it. Fruit contains natural sugars and its already pre-packaged. Just keep in mind the amount of “juiciness”in the fruit you pack, like oranges, and keep your wipes handy.

5. Frozen Yogurt Tubes

Nowadays, you don’t need a spoon to enjoy a healthy helping of yogurt. Yogurt tubes are a wonderful option. Freeze them the night before and pack them in your bag. Once they’re ready for them, they will be perfectly thawed and ready to enjoy!

Food for Thought…

There are tons of options for healthy snacks out there. We just have to keep in mind our children’s likes and dislikes. You may also want to resist the urge to try anything new at this time.

When it comes to packing travel snacks, remember less is best! Who wants to clean up or change clothes prior to your arrival? Lastly, have the kids help with the choosing the snacks and packing them as well. This helps to channel the excitement/energy of the anticipated trip!

What do you like to pack for a healthy snack when traveling with kids? Let us know in the comments!

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