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Planning Family Travel Geared Specifically Toward Your Kids

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Cruising the Caribbean

A fun time was had by all.

Not Your Average Family Trip

Yes, I know that most times family travel involves visiting loved ones or simply escaping to a relaxing destination for that much needed respite your clan is searching for but, this time, I thought I would share a new idea. Have you ever thought of surprising your kids with something different? Something more like family travel geared specifically toward your kids and their special interests? Something that adds to valuable family time but also makes each kid feel unique and important?

The Spark

In light of my recent status with Hilton Hotels & Resorts, and the fact that my kids are really at that perfect age, the age where they are old enough to be good travelers but still young enough to want to hang out with me, my husband and I have decided to surprise our kids by planning a special hiatus geared specifically for each of them.  Instead of an expensive birthday party or more gifts and gadgets that they don’t really need, this year, we are giving each of them an adventure…one with a course that is charted in their honor.

Think Like Your Child

That’s right, take a moment from your sane, grown-up thinking and ask yourself, if I were my child where would I like to go? What would I love to see? What really sparks my passion at this particular age? Keep in mind it doesn’t need to be a gigantic journey, just one that lets them know that this trip is all about them…Well , mostly them anyway!

For example, each of my kids are totally different. My “tween” enjoys colder temperatures and loves to show off her collection of hats and scarves.  She is a natural born performer…Singer, actress and, did I mention, drama queen? For her, perhaps a theater trip somewhere up north.

My youngest, on the other hand, enjoys swimming and warmer climates, mostly because she loves flip-flops and despises being bundled.  She is also a super-active daredevil with a passion for all things acrobatic. She never stops smiling or moving so, maybe a warm weathered zip-line adventure would be a good choice for her.

Finally, the oldest  is a newly driving teen with a love of amusement parks and a major interest in wrestling, possible car choices, girls and music.  He also enjoys eating—everything—and somehow still manages to stay very thin. Perhaps for him, a trip to one of Richard Petty’s Driving Experience locations or a place that has an elaborate food, mega-festival and some big roller-coasters!

Your Final Destination

Families come in all different shapes and sizes and each with their own special dynamic. I think planning family travel that is geared toward your kids can be anything from a short trip to the nearest bordering city or a international extravaganza that may involve special activities for each of your children in the same trip. I believe that the real destination should be one that makes each kid feel special and shows them that the adventure was planned especially for them, while still making lasting memories for the entire family.

After all, no one knows your kid like you do, and planning a special trip designed specifically for them is guaranteed to be something special.  Look at it as your chance to take a priceless and unique journey with your kid(s)… And remember, have fun!

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