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Preserving Travel Memories

Capturing and Preserving Travel Memories

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I like viewing photos and videos online from the travels of my family and friends, as well as posting my own photos and videos so that my family and friends can view them. However, when it comes to remembering our vacations for years to come, I find social media posts to be a bit scattered and insufficient. More permanent and substantive means of capturing and preserving memories appeal to me and certainly seem to be welcomed by my extended family. Below are four methods we use for cataloging our travel memories.

Travel Journals for the Kids

While I haven’t given my kids a travel journal for every single trip, they’ve generally received some type of journal for our big trips. I’ve bought them some very elegant journals from a bookstore, and I’ve provided simple spiral bound notebooks from the drugstore. You know your kids best and what might inspire them, whether it’s as simple as the clean pages of a brand new notebook to an elaborate design on the cover.

Do they need a new one for each journey to be inspired, or will they love pulling out the same journal to record the next trip? While I love the idea of having that one journal filled up, our reality is that we have a few pages filled in many notebooks, rather than a couple of completely filled journals. From some trips we have a lot of written thoughts, and from others we don’t, but all are enormous fun to revisit over the years.

Unique Travel Email Accounts

Creating a unique travel email account is a great way of making the ease of online access work for you. Create a new account with your favorite email service provider. Then, during your travels, send an email to this account to record your travels.

For me, these emails tend to be the informal sort of email I’d send to friends or family, talking about the highlights of our day. I’m so used to emailing that this method works great for me, and your kids can send emails from their own accounts. At the end of the year or the end of five years, how cool it will be to go back to your travel@gmail.com account and read the accumulated emails!

Photo Books and Calendars

Oldies, but goodies, photo books and calendars can be very inexpensive to create. There’s now a lot of competition out there for your business, which means plenty of specials. Each year, I create a photo book or calendar for my kids’ grandparents. Once you’ve created one, you’ll usually be offered a special price to print that second copy for yourself. A classic for a reason, photo books and calendars are excellent ways to record your year in travel.


I’ve saved the best for last! Touchnote is a service where you can turn the photos you take on your phone into postcards. Download the Touchnote app for iPhone or Android to make this as simple and fun as possible. Postcards are purchased with credits, which run from $1.70 to $2.99 depending on how many you buy at one time. One credit is good for one postcard.

The app is easy to use and will walk you through adding a photo, choosing a layout, as well as adding captions, messages and an address. Our family loves receiving the postcards, and I like sending them to myself, too. Touchnote also offers formats other than postcards, but I really love the postcards.

I hope these suggestions help you create your own fantastic archives for your travel memories over the years!

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Preserving Travel Memories

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