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5 Essential Travel Gadgets For Less Than $40

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Packing for a trip can be a bit daunting. Pack too little or forget something, and you can possibly find yourself in trouble. Pack too much, and you are stuck carrying unnecessarily heavy bags containing stuff you likely will not need or use.

Anybody can go on the internet and find videos on how to pack efficiently and better ways to organize when planning for a trip. However, one system does not fit all, so instead we are focusing on our must-have travel gadgets of 2017. These are the things we absolutely must bring with us regardless if we are taking a weekend trip to New Hampshire or flying internationally to South America.

Best Travel Accessories of 2017

Travel Smart Conair USB powered travel toothbrush ($29.99)

Going on a trip or vacation is no reason to not take care of your teeth. Our dentist recommends using an automatic toothbrush twice a day. Unfortunately traveling with one can be a bit of an inconvenience as they may need a stand to be charged periodically. With the Travel Smart sonic toothbrush, you can get 15 uses out of a single charge using just a USB cable and the same plug that you use for your phone.

MyCharge All Terrain Portable Charger ($39.99)

There’s no getting away from the fact that sometimes you need to be able to charge your phone and other accessories at the drop of the hat. If you are on vacation, you absolutely know that you will be taking as many pictures as possible, which can be a big battery draining activity. With the MyCharge All Terrain charger, you are getting a large portable battery that can hold up to the wear and tear of travel.

PowerCord Go iPhone ($17.99)

Having an iPhone lightning cable in a convenient location is a must-have when you travel. Nowadays there are plenty of places to plug and charge your phone so what you need is a cord that is able to handle the wear and tear of traveling. As most people can attest, the cables that come with most phones are not the most durable. The PowerCord Go has a sturdy plastic casing that is extremely resistant to fraying or tearing. In addition, its small size makes it very accessible and super convenient to hang off your bag or key chain without getting in your way.

Drink in the Box Products ($11.99)

I love how innovative but simple the Drink in the Box and Snack in a Box products are. While their boxy shapes are a bit different from the other containers we usually travel with, they make them so much easier to store in a bag. In addition, since they are made of plastic and not metal, they are less likely to set off the alarm when they go through security (if empty of all liquids). I also like that they are available for drinks and snacks, which allows you to pack everything you need to feed your little one during a flight.

Savvy Travelers Getaway Kit ($15)

My worst nightmare is causing a mess on the plane. You are stuck in close quarters with strangers, and you have to sit there until the plane lands. Traveling with kids can be messy. The Savvy Travelers Getaway Kit includes a variety of useful disposable wipes for any occasion, allowing you to clean up in almost any environment.

What do you think are the best travel accessories of 2017? Please let us know what you can’t live without in the comments below.

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5 Essential Travel Gadgets | Best Travel Accessories 2017

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