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7 Best Travel Accessories | Packing Accessories | Flying Accessories

7 Best Travel Accessories

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Packing and traveling require hard work and organization, and these accessories help make the job easier. Here are some of my favorite items for traveling.

Best Packing Accessories

1. Toiletry Case

I have searched for a long time for a make-up case that holds all of my items without being too big. I find The Weekender from Sephora to be perfect! There are two separate zippered pockets. On longer trips I use one side for make-up and the other for skin care, and on weekend trips I can fit in all my toiletries including toothbrush and shampoo. I also like that is has special holders for make-up brushes and a small pocket that I use for extras like a nail file and bandages.

2. Jewelry Case

To keep my fragile jewelry organized and in good condition I use this organizer with separate zippered pouches. I like that I can fold it in the suitcase and then hang it up when I arrive at my destination so I can see what jewelry I have with me. This one is from Henri Bendel, but many companies make similar versions.

3. Packing Cubes

Thanks to fellow Hilton Mom Voyage writers I have learned about packing cubes, and now everyone in my family has their own set in a different color. The zippered pouches in different sizes keep us organized while packing and keep things straight in hotel drawers at our destination.

Best Flying Accessories

4. One-Quart Security Bag

Although using a zip-lock bag is acceptable, I find that I really appreciate my plastic Beauty On The Fly TSA-approved bag to hold my liquid items. It is made of a sturdy plastic with a zippered top so I don’t worry about it tearing or not closing the way I would with the plastic baggies.

5. Slip-On Socks

Don’t underestimate how much your feet will appreciate socks or slippers on a long flight! To keep my feet cozy and comfortable, I love the slipper socks I purchased at one of the news stores at the airport. They fold up into a small size so they are easy to carry in a purse or bag.

Best Travel Accessories to Use at Your Destination

6. Laundry Bag and Detergent

Although most hotels have plastic laundry bags tucked away in a closet, I find it easier to travel with a drawstring laundry bag because it holds more and can be tied closed when it’s time to pack up.

I also bring Tide Liquid Detergent Single Load pouches that I find on Amazon or in the toiletries travel section in case the laundry bag starts to overflow. Even if you don’t have access to a washing machine, you can still use the detergent in a sink or bathtub.

7. Over-Door Organizer

A plastic shoe organizer fits over a closet or main door and is the perfect spot to put all those things that get dropped off in your mudroom or kitchen counter at home. Use separate pockets for keys, sunscreen and maps and your hotel room will seem a lot less cluttered.

Hopefully some of these ideas for the best travel accessories will make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

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7 Best Travel Accessories | Packing Accessories | Flying Accessories

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