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Lara D

Mom of children ages 8 and 6

Moving to Missoula, Montana was the best choice for Lara — she found her soulmate and loves the connection she feels to this vibrant community. Her two young children ages 8 and 6 also thrive in this beautiful city located in the heart of the Rockies where the family takes advantage of the four distinct seasons. Along with being a wife and mom, Lara is a realtor, has worked on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., is a retired officer in the Army National Guard and worked several years in the IT field. She also manages her own travel blog, www.2momstravel.com. As much as the family loves what Montana offers, they travels extensively and enjoy incorporating their love of history and cultural activities where ever they go. They have found the Magic Tree House books to be an excellent read for the kids both before and during travels as those books detail history within exciting adventures the kids can understand. They turn every adventure into exciting learning opportunities. The children also now keep travel journals where they can write a sentence or two about their day, document local currency and keep brochures from museums. It’s been fun to keep their travel memories alive. Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere with a tide-pool to explore. Dream vacation: To see the Great Barrier Reef in Australia before it is destroyed. Best traveling-with-kids tip: Even really young kids like to help pack. Let them…even if you have to thin out their selections later. Check or carry-on: Absolutely check. It’s hard enough to keep track of the kids; too many carry-ons and something will get left. Trust me on this one. Best souvenir ever brought home: Christmas ornaments! It’s fun to decorate the tree and look at the ornaments we have collected from all of our travels. Favorite travel outfit: Anything that is quick-dry and doesn’t wrinkle. Always in my purse: Wet wipes, roll of small disposable bags, hand sanitizer, crayons, and my iPhone. I’d be in trouble if I forgot to pack: My son’s favorite blankie. Follow Lara on Twitter: @2_moms_travel

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