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Amy S

A self-proclaimed Jersey Girl (with a soft spot for Jon Bon Jovi), Amy currently resides in Austin, Texas with her husband and 11-year old daughter. She picked up the travel bug early spending summers with her grandparents in Spain. A public policy and communications consultant by trade, Amy is the owner/operator of Mindstorm Consulting.

When Amy was 12 years old, she wrote a letter to a leading travel book brand offering her writing and research services. Her offer was politely declined so she is beyond excited to join the team of travel bloggers with Hilton Mom Voyage. Amy and her family have traveled around the world (literally), but like to take things slow and relax. She looks forward to sharing her family’s favorite travel adventures with you.

  • Favorite vacation spot: Moorea, French Polynesia or Africa.
  • Dream vacation: Maldives (with side trip to India).
  • Best vacation ever: World Trip (Holland, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Moorea).
  • Always in my purse/bag: Advil and Benedryl.
  • Favorite road trip snack: Popcorn.
  • Favorite sing-along song for the car: Suedehead by Morrisey.
  • Best packing tip: Have your husband/partner do it.
  • Darndest thing my kid ever said: One time I told my daughter to “pull herself together.” Her response: “but I can’t find the pieces.”

Follow Amy on Twitter: @SpiroAmy

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