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Visit Ice Castles Before They Melt Away

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Being from the south where snow is an extreme rarity and the slightest hint of ice means everyone stays home, I was more than intrigued by the winter fantasy land known as Ice Castles. Though the particular location we were able to get a sneak peak at was still a few days from opening to the public at the time of my family’s visit just before Christmas, I could certainly see the wonder and fun that Ice Castles brings to children and adults alike.

What are Ice Castles?

With no underlying structure, Ice Castles are built in a patented process by hand-placing thousands of icicles and letting water freeze to them. Walking through the castle leaves you in awe of the creativity of this unusual architecture, organic beauty, and blue hues. If the kids are worried this will be a look-and-don’t-touch outing, have them lay their fears aside. The ice slides and maze are a big hit, and ice princesses make appearances throughout the season.

It’s important to dress warmly for your visit since you are, after all, standing in the middle of giant structures of ice. Wear snow boots as well; the floor of the exhibit is crushed ice and you’ll want to be warm and stable. Hot chocolate is available to purchase to help warm you up from the inside, also.

Ice Castles Tickets

Buy your tickets online before your visit for a significant discount. Tickets are associated with a timed entry, so you’ll have to know the approximate time you expect to arrive. Don’t worry about printing them out; you will get an e-mail with a QR code that can be scanned from your phone to admit your group. Of course, if that doesn’t work out for you, tickets are usually available on-site unless it’s a peak day when they could sell out.

Ice Castles Locations

While we visited the site in Midway, Utah, there are other Ice Castles locations that might work out with your travel plans including Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and Alberta, Canada. The season is dependent on the weather and limited to how long the elements are conducive to keeping the structure frozen, so don’t wait to explore this frozen marvel.

If you are able to visit Midway Ice Castles in Utah, I recommend stopping for a burger and homemade chips at Heber City Café before or after. We had a delicious meal in this quaint restaurant, and our only disappointment was not having time to try their desserts. And if you need a place to stay near Midway, Utah, there are several Hilton hotels nearby.

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