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St. Augustine Alligator Farm

St. Augustine Alligator Farm Adventures

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I have some daredevil kids. If an activity involves height, speed, and a little bit of danger, they want to try it. St. Augustine Alligator Farm offers all three, and my daughters couldn’t wait to check it out. The alligator farm is the perfect counter-activity for kids who have endured hours of St. Augustine museum and fort visits and are ready for some adventurous activity. Here are six reasons kids will enjoy a visit to St. Augustine Alligator Farm:

1. Crocodile Crossing Zip Line

To participate in the two zip line courses at Crocodile Crossing, participants must be 11 years old, at least 57 inches tall and must wear lace-up athletic shoes or boots. Although I wanted to do the zip line course with my daughter, an adult companion was not required, so I was free to walk around the farm with the younger kids.

There are two zip line courses. One takes about 45 minutes and is 20 feet above ground; the other lasts about 90 minutes and is 60 feet above ground. We chose the shorter course. My daughter and her friend thoroughly enjoyed the experience of zipping through the trees above all sorts of reptiles. Her favorite part of the experience was the different course obstacles which she declared were “really cool.”

St. Augustine Alligator Farm Crocodile Crossing zip line

At Crocodile Crossing, visitors can zip line 20 feet above live reptilian residents of St. Augustine Alligator Farm.

2. 700+ hungry Alligators and Crocodiles

Established in 1893, this zoo began as just an alligator farm where visitors could marvel over its awe-inspiring, indigenous reptiles. Its collection has expanded over the years, and St. Augustine Alligator Farm is now the only facility in the world to house all 23 known species of crocodilia, as well as multiple species of birds, amphibians, monkeys and lemurs.

3. Animal encounters are available and low cost

There are alligator food dispensers at every alligator habitat, allowing you to get about as up close and personal with the gators as you’d safely care to get. In addition, my younger daughter was thrilled to have the opportunity to hold a baby alligator AND a ball python. This personal encounter experience almost made up for the fact that she wasn’t old enough to do the zip line course.

St. Augustine Alligator Farm animal encounter

At St. Augustine Alligator Farm, guests can even hold a small gator and a ball python!

4. Adjacent to other city attractions

As one of the nation’s oldest cities, St. Augustine offers visitors a plethora of historical sites. The alligator farm might be the perfect activity to appease the younger members of your family who become weary from all the history lessons!

St. Augustine Alligator Farm is located just across the Lion’s Bridge from the city center and provides free parking for farm visitors. Hilton St. Augustine Historic Bayfront, which is nestled in the city center, is only three miles away from the alligator farm.

5. Online reservations eliminate the need to wait in line

Both attractions offer online ticket purchases. The Crocodile Crossing zip line makes it easy to plan your visit. Watch the safety guideline videos in advance and avoid unnecessary wait times. We paid online one day before our visit and arrived 15 minutes before our reserved time.

6. Amenities that make it easy for families

St. Augustine Alligator Farm is mostly shaded, to enable both visitors and the animals to escape the Florida sun. There is an open-air restaurant offering typical fast food fare like hot dogs, along with healthy options like hummus and pretzels. Adults might also appreciate that draft beer is available for purchase!

Note: It is possible to do the Crocodile Crossing zip line experience without buying admission into the alligator farm, but why would you want to? Especially because zip liners are granted half-price admission into the alligator farm. Whether your family decides to visit the St. Augustine Alligator Farm AND the Crocodile Crossing zip line adventure, or just one or the other, you will definitely enjoy a true Floridian experience.

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Erin is a native Floridian who has resided in Atlanta since 1995. Her husband Mike and she have two funny, smart, active girls and two cats.


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