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Sedona Jeep Tours

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There is no easier way to see the beauty of the red rocks than taking a Jeep tour in Sedona. Our favorite adventure from our weekend in Sedona was a sunset Jeep tour with A Day in the West. We chose the “Aliens, Bigfoots and Orbs” tour to explore the paranormal activity that Sedona is known for. Our experienced guide kept us entertained with countless facts and stories and we got to see the beautiful rocks as the sun set. Pet lovers, dogs are also welcome on the Jeeps!

Selecting a Jeep Tour

All of the Sedona Jeep tours may seem exciting, but choose wisely. Jeep tours can be very bumpy and sometimes scary for non-adventurous riders. If your children are young, try a shorter tour with terrain that is less steep. Our tour included two stops where we were able to get out and hike around the red rocks. The stops gave us a chance to stretch our legs and explore the desert.  Also, look around before booking a tour. Each company offers something a little different and many times there are discounts on sites like Groupon.


Sedona Jeep tours start from downtown in the heart of the tourist district. Tours can also pick you up from your hotel if you prefer. We drove a short distance from Hilton Sedona Resort & Spa and had dinner in town before our tour. Jeeps usually hold six to seven people, so be aware that if your party is small that you might have others with you on your tour. We were able to have a Jeep by ourselves for our family of four.

Sedona Jeep Tours

Enjoying the view from a Sedona Jeep tour!

When to go

Sedona Jeep tours depart at all times of the day. Sedona weather is beautiful all year round, but summer days can be very warm. When visiting in the summer, book a sunset tour. Not only will you see an amazing sunset, but the weather will be significantly cooler once the sun goes down.

What to bring

I recommend bringing water and wearing a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and sturdy shoes. It is dusty on the trails so take that in to consideration when choosing what to wear. Lastly, don’t forget your camera! The scenery from a Sedona Jeep tour is unforgettable.

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