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Iceland Blue Lagoon Tips

The Very Best Tips for Visiting Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

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I think most of us can agree that there is just something extraordinary about a warm bath or a hot sauna, especially in colder temperatures. With that being said, the naturally warmed wonderland of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa, is one location that most people have on their bucket list of places to take the plunge. And, if the idea of submerging yourself in one of the planet’s most intriguing hot spots isn’t enough, I’m about to share some of the very best tips for maximum enjoyment while visiting the Blue Lagoon!

Visit During The Summer

Unless you’re one of the few people who enjoy wearing a bathing suit in below freezing temperatures, then I think its safe to say that summertime is probably the best time to visit the Blue Lagoon. Summer in Iceland is nothing less than spectacular and offers visitors somewhere around 22 hours of sunlight and pleasantly chilly temperatures around 55° F.

While the Blue Lagoon is open to visitors year round, the summer days from June through August offer extended opening times that include an extra hour in the morning and two extra hours at night. And, as I mentioned earlier, the summer temperatures also help to make a much more pleasant transition from the indoor dressing rooms to the chilly outside area that one must encounter before entering the milky-blue and warm lagoon. Trust me: Summer is the best!

Visit At Night

I’m not sure why but it seems that, no matter where you are, most area attractions have more visitors in the morning and afternoon than they ever have during the evening hours. Well, the same holds true for Iceland’s Blue Lagoon.

On a tip from a local, we were advised to visit around 7 pm if we didn’t want to be surrounded by hundreds of other people. As instructed, we arrived at the optimal time, and sure enough, we watched as the crowds were literally pouring out. By the time we had showered, suited up and entered the lagoon, there were probably only about 40 people who were enjoying the enormous lagoon. And as it got even later, the crowd had thinned out so much that we almost felt like it was our own private geothermal spa.

Keep in mind that although we didn’t go until early evening, the Blue Lagoon stayed open until 10 pm and, because of the summer daylight hours, it never even got close to being dark. Pure awesome!

Another tip that some of our writers have received is to visit the Blue Lagoon on your way to or from the airport, if possible. The Blue Lagoon is closer to the Keflavík Airport (KEF) than it is to Reykjavík so it’s more convenient to visit when you are near the airport, if the timing of your flights allow.

Use The Mask

The white facemask that you’ve probably seen in photos is the Silica Mud Mask. You can find this somewhat runny and clay-like substance in a number of crates around the lagoon for your convenience. You can feel free to apply as much as you’d like to your face and your bod…an amenity that my kids thoroughly enjoyed!

While it is recommended that the Silica Mud stay on for at least five minutes, the timeframe was extended to about 15 minutes on multiple occasions when it came to my family! When you wash it off with the warm lagoon water, you will feel a significant difference in the softness of your skin. Quite simply, delightful!

Iceland Blue Lagoon tips - enjoy the Silica Mud Mask

One of our Blue Lagoon tips is to thoroughly enjoy the complimentary Silica Mud Mask – like I did!

Don’t Worry About A Thing

Believe me when I tell you that I understand all the planning (and often times worry) that goes along with family excursions. Good news, travelers…when visiting the Blue Lagoon you literally don’t have to worry about a thing. They offer towels, shampoo and soap included in your admission price. They also rent robes and sell bathing suits, in case you forgot.

In addition, there are plenty of food options such as counter service with pre-made sandwiches and snacks, a fancier, sit-down restaurant and even a walk-up, floating bar of sorts that’s located inside the lagoon itself. And guess what else? They also offer in-water massages and a handful of other beauty treatments just to be sure you’ll find yourself worry-free. Superb!

I hope these tips help to make your time at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon even more exceptional…and be sure to let us know if you think there’s something we may have missed!

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