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3 Fun Valentines Trips for Families | Valentines Vacation | Valentine Travel

Best Family Vacation Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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Love is in the air, but your kids are underfoot and the temperatures are usually so chilly that you’re all bundled up like a sack of potatoes. Not to mention the fact that the thought of more candy, especially after all of the holiday indulging, just leaves you feeling a little underwhelmed. Why not take some advice from Cupid and shoot that arrow toward a vacation destination that the whole family will love? I have a few ideas that are guaranteed to warm your hearts.

3 Fun Valentine’s Trips for Families

1. Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Transport your toes (and the rest of your body) to a tropical and sandy paradise. Nothing says I love you like a relaxing family getaway to the beach. This means cabanas and frozen drinks for you and your partner and building sandcastles and swimming in the surf for your kids. Think Bahamas, Aruba and Jamaica, if possible. These foolproof locations ensure that you and your crew will be guaranteed to have the heart-warming temperatures you’ve been dreaming of.

2. Get Physical

Instead of packing on a few extra pounds with chocolate candies, take your family on a fun, fitness-based adventure that will have them smiling from ear-to-ear. A great option to get those bodies moving is a ski trip on some snowy slopes. While a few locations are beginning to warm up just a little, you’ll still be guaranteed a righteous day of skiing if you head to Canada, Colorado, Utah or Montana. And while this idea may scream chilly, it will certainly get your hearts racing, in the best sort of way!

3. Let’s “I Do” This

This might seem a little crazier than the other two, but why not renew your vows with the kids as your private guests? There’s nothing that will tickle their hearts more than this one. A few fun-loving ideas include quirky and memorable options like a drive-thru chapel in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee; an under-water wedding in the Florida Keys; a roller coaster ceremony at Cedar Point in Cleveland, Ohio; or a even just a cheesy little Elvis wedding chapel in Vegas. This is sure to be a sweet and silly memory the entire family will hold dear.

They’ll Love You For It

Honestly, no matter what you choose to do or where you choose to go, a vacation is a brilliant way to spend Valentine’s Day with your family. It also happens to be far better than any flower arrangement I’ve ever seen. I mean, don’t get me wrong, flowers and candy are nice, but nothing says love like a special holiday vacation with your people.

I see your eyes twinkling just thinking about it.

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3 Fun Valentines Trips for Families | Valentines Vacation | Valentine Travel

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