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Hike to the Natural arch at Devil's Bridge in Sedona

Favorite Sedona Hiking Trails

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Sedona, Arizona is home to valleys of red rocks and hiking trails, creating an oasis for families that enjoy hiking and active travel. Except that with so many trails to choose from, knowing where to hike in Sedona with kids can be difficult.

Family friendly hikes in Sedona are plentiful. From trails that lead to mystical vortexes or trails with scenic overlooks, you almost can’t go wrong when going for a hike. The trick is to match your hiking abilities (and those of any kids that are hiking with you) to the appropriate trails. See below for how we found our favorite Sedona hiking trails.

Sedona Hiking Resources for Families

There are several hiking tour books that families can review to select a perfect hike. Great Sedona Hikes by William Bohan or Sedona’s Top 10 Hikes by Dennis Andres are two that I studied before our Sedona adventure.

Another option is to allow time during your trip for a session at the Hike House in the heart of Sedona. In addition to having any and all hiking gear and clothing that you might need, the Hike House has an energy café where you can try the interactive Sedona Trail Finder experience that will provide customized hiking trail suggestions, pointing you in the direction of where to hike in Sedona, for you based on your interests and abilities.

Owner Greg Stevenson and his wife created this experience because they wanted to narrow down the many possible hiking trails as they explored the red rocks with their children.  The trail finder is free to use and was incredibly useful for us, although we did not stop into the Hike House until our last day.  For example, even though we thought that we would have to give up on Devil’s Bridge because of road construction, Greg convinced us to approach Devil’s Bridge from a different trail head. Based on the results of our Trail Finder, the Devil’s Bridge hike would appeal to me as a “meaty” hike and to our daughter who wanted opportunities to climb and scale rock.

Two favorite family friendly hikes in Sedona

1. Bell Rock

This is an easy hike, unless you decide that you would like to climb UP Bell Rock, with a mixture of rock scaling, shimmying, and scooting up (and then down) each new plateau.  The “rock climbing” made it incredibly fun for my daughter and picturesque for us. Bell Rock was a perfect hike for us to start with as it was exciting for our daughter but also good to prepare our legs for more strenuous hikes later in the week.

Hiking Bell Rock in Sedona with Kids

Hiking Bell Rock is easy, as long as you don’t want to go UP.

2. Devil’s Bridge

The hike to Devil’s Bridge can be accessed at the Chuckwagon Trail Head. This access adds some flat but easy terrain to your trail, bringing you through a dry creek bed looking up at red rock formations as far as the eye can see.  The trail up to the Natural Arch, or Devil’s Bridge as it is known, is not difficult, but does include a few patches that allow for only “one person” traffic up or down steep stone rocks.

Tip: Before heading to hike at Devil’s Bridge, pick up sandwiches so that you can have a picnic before turning back on the trail. (We loved our sandwiches from Sedona Memories Bakery.) And don’t forget to bring water.

Hiking Devil's Bridge in Sedona

The scenic view of Devil’s Bridge.

We tried to plan our five day trip with a mix of half days hikes as well as full day hikes as well as sightseeing and playing in the pool at Hilton Sedona Resort & Spa.  We cannot wait to go back and find more trails to hike!

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