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Cirque du Soleil Kurios review, Kurios Cabinet of Curiosities by Cirque du Soleil

Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities by Cirque du Soleil

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Welcome to the Cabinet of Curiosities where an eccentric inventor defies the laws of time, space and physics in order to reinvent the world around him. Suddenly, the visible becomes invisible, and the world is literally turned upside down as you are drawn into a place that’s as beautiful as it is mysterious.

Kurios, is Cirque du Soleil’s latest creation and it doesn’t disappoint. The combination of Victorian steampunk and over the top acrobatics will leave the whole family on the edge of their seats, begging for more.

Let’s talk about all the reasons we absolutely adored this show!

The Story

Kurios follows the story of The Seeker, an inventor in the 19th century who creates a revolutionary machine that somehow defies the laws of space and time, as well as dimension. The Seeker intends to reinvent all things around him and provide them with elements of the scientific steampunk machinery.

Cirque du Soleil Kurios review, Kurios Cabinet of Curiosities by Cirque du Soleil

The story of Cirque du Soleil Kurios follows The Seeker in his goal to reinvent all things.

The Kurios Set

The hauntingly romantic set embodies the European renaissance. Giant steampunk hands, dining tables on the ceiling and a host of curious objects collected by The Seeker throughout his travels. Set designer, Stéphane Roy says “It’s like Jules Verne meets Thomas Edison in an alternate reality.” We agree and couldn’t get enough of it!

Cirque du Soleil Kurios review, Kurios Cabinet of Curiosities by Cirque du Soleil

It’s impossible to take your eyes off of the glorious steampunk set of Kurios.

The Characters

Of all the Cirque shows I’ve seen, this one has produced the most intriguing characters.

The Seeker

Master of the house, the Seeker is a humanist as ingenuous as he is ingenious. With childlike innocence, he believes in an invisible world where the craziest ideas and the grandest dreams await.

Mr. Microcosms

This serious chap is the leader of the group and embodies technological progress; his world is sturdy and evokes the steam train, massive building structures, the Eiffel Tower and the Grand Palais.

Mini Lili

She represents Mr. Microcosmos’ unconscious mind, his intuitive self, his fragile and poetic side. Mini Lili is a painter, an actress and a poetess. She lives inside her host’s overcoat. Through the door in his belly, you can catch a glimpse of the furnished interiors of the little lady’s abode, complete with armchair, chandelier and other necessities of the Victorian home.

Nico the Accordion Man

The perfect handyman, Nico is a little shy, a tad awkward, and extremely sensitive. Nico’s accordion costume allows him to bend way down or stand way up so he can be at eye level with absolutely everyone.

Klara the Telegraph of the Invisible

Klara can receive alpha waves by turning on her heels and pointing her hoop skirt in various directions. She has a language of her own and symbolizes our obsession with telecommunications during the golden age of the railroad when the telegraph and the gramophone were invented.

The Costumes

From the metal potbelly of Mr. Microcosmos that houses a 3-foot tall Mini Lili to the spectacular flexibility of Nico the Accordion Man, more than 100 intricate costumes were made for this show. Inspired by 19th century inventions, these costumes were spectacular to look at and made the story come alive.

Cirque du Soleil Kurios review, Kurios Cabinet of Curiosities by Cirque du Soleil

Ah, the Kurios costumes! Mini Lili lives inside Mr. Microcosmos’ overcoat.

The Acts

Heart stopping trapeze acts from a bike suspended in the air, mind blowing contortionists stacked like Legos and breathtaking aerialists are just a taste of the incredible acts that you will see.

Our favorite act by far was the trampoline acrobats. Men and women bouncing 35 feet in the air literally made the audience stop breathing. Gasps peppered the air throughout the show as these talented acrobats attempted feats that many have never seen before, leaving the audience asking “How in the world did they do that, and can they please do it just one more time?”

Cirque du Soleil Kurios review, Kurios Cabinet of Curiosities by Cirque du Soleil

Men and women bouncing on trampolines rising 35 feet in the air. “Please just one more time!”

Kurios is a show that will make you wonder, make you question, and make you think. It has something for everybody and the whole family is sure to walk away grinning from ear to ear!

Kurios is currently playing in the following cities throughout the year:

Atlanta – Now through May 8th
Boston – Opens May 26th
Washington, D.C. – Opens July 21st
New York City – Opens September 29th
Miami – (Date TBA)

New shows are being added so keep checking the Kurios site to see when it’s coming to your town!

Have you seen Kurios? I would love to hear what you thought about it! Please share in the comments below.

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Photos courtesy of Cirque du Soleil Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities

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