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Parasailing at the Hilton Key Largo Resort

Caribbean Watersports at Hilton Key Largo Resort

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At Hilton Key Largo Resort, the tranquil waters of the Florida Bay make up a playground that is an aquatic sports enthusiast’s dream. For those interested in getting out into it, Caribbean Watersports can set you up with a paddle board, wave runner, catamaran or kayak at their hub on the resort’s beach. When the winds allow, they also run regular parasailing sessions out in the bay.

U.S.Coast Guard certified, Caribbean Watersports can easily introduce children to the freedom of flight in a parasail provided they fly tandem with a parent or grown up, and the two meet the combined weight requirement. Despite my bad relationship with heights, my eight-year-old son and I went for it. It was his idea. He made relentless requests to do for two days before I caved. In the end I figured, if he can do this with autism then I can look past my fear.

It was both exhilarating and frightening. My son repeatedly kicked his feet around looking much like he was either attempting to ride the air or walk on it. The boat we just glided off the back of looked so small yet I could still clearly see my husband and daughter waving, possibly astounded that I went through with parasailing.

From my skyward perch I got my first real overview of this water sports paradise.  It stretched such an impossibly vast length it felt as if we’d traveled to the edge of the world. Along the hotel’s coastline, paddle boarders were taking their first wobbly strokes and finding the balance to maneuver their boards. Kids were playing in the water while their parents relaxed nearby, and it looked as though two kayakers had challenged each other to a race. I couldn’t help but think that this is what the wild birds see when they fly over the place.

Suddenly our turn on the parasail was over. My son and I were gently directed back onto the very same boat deck we lifted off from. In mere minutes we were land bound creatures again. It went by way too quickly, especially when you consider that I was reluctant to go up in the first place. I was right about one thing though, if my son could do it with autism, then I could look past my fear. If you find yourself at Hilton Key Largo Resort be sure to visit the folks at Caribbean Watersports, they could help you have such a moment too.

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