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Best things to do in Jerusalem with kids | Jerusalem Attractions

Best Things to do in Jerusalem with Kids

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Exploring Jerusalem means spending time at awe-inspiring religious sites, ancient historical ruins and fragrant markets. While in Jerusalem, you will naturally want to spend time visiting these historically and religiously significant sites, but if you are traveling with kids, it’s also nice to break up the sightseeing with some kid-friendly activities unique to the area. Here are our recommendations for some of the best things to do in Jerusalem with kids.

4 Fun Jerusalem Attractions for Families

Dig for a Day

Dig for a Day is a unique program run by Archaeological Seminars Institute. It takes place at Tel Maresha, which is the ancient home area of King Herod. It has now been set up so you can visit this historical site and dig for buried treasures.

When you arrive, you make your way underground where you dig through dirt in the remains of ancient homes. Then you then bring the items to the surface where you sift through them separating out the rocks from real artifacts.

We found pieces of pottery, cooking utensils and even a camel’s tooth! These items had not been touched for 2,000 years until we uncovered them. After the digging we crawled through unexcavated cave systems underneath the old homes. The entire experience lasted about three hours.

Best things to do in Jerusalem with kids - Archaeological Seminar Institute's Dig for a Day

We were allowed to dig and sift through ancient artifacts at Archaeological Seminar Institute’s Dig for a Day.

Ayalon Institute

The Ayalon Institute is a museum hiding an interesting secret. During the 1940s the location operated as a real Kibbutz with laundry and baking facilities, but these functions hid a secret operation where bullets were produced for the Israeli army without the British knowing. Every day a select group of young people snuck below the bakery to turn copper into bullets with the sound of the laundry machines covering their noise.

On the English-speaking tour we saw the laundry and bakery and climbed through the secret door to the basement where bullets were made. We found this museum outside of Jerusalem an educational and highly interesting tour.

Best things to do in Jerusalem with kids - Ayalon Institute Secret Bullet Factory

Touring the secret bullet factory at the Ayalon Institute was a fascinating way to learn more about Israel in the 1940s.

Zip lining and ATV Rides at Deer Land

For a completely different way to see the countryside near Jerusalem, consider Deer Land where you can go zip lining, ride ATVs, and try other adventurous activities. At 1/3 mile long and 400 feet high, their main zip line is the second longest in the world! Enjoy breathtaking views of the valley below while experience an exhilarating ride.

They also offer guided ATV rides in open air Jeeps with seat belts, which is a fun change of pace for kids from driving and walking through historic sites. For younger kids there is a shorter zip line, bungee jumping, and a small farm with many deer.

Abraham’s Tent at Genesis Land

Abraham’s Tent is a themed outdoor dining experience at Genesis Land right outside Jerusalem. When you arrive you are met by Eliezer, Abraham’s servant. Everyone is dressed in costume and acting as they would have acted 4,000 years ago. A highlight of our time in Israel was riding camels led by Eliezer on the way to dinner!

The traditional Israeli dinner is served while sitting on pillows outside as if you were guests of Abraham. The kids loved wearing their own costumes and the “theme” atmosphere was a fun break from sitting at traditional restaurants.

Best things to do in Jerusalem with kids - Abraham's Tent

Riding camels and eating dinner at Abraham’s Tent is one of the best things to do in Jerusalem with kids.

Jerusalem is an easy day trip from a stay at Hilton Tel Aviv. If you are looking to mix in some kid-friendly activities, hopefully our recommendations for the best things to do in Jerusalem with kids will give you ideas that will keep your family engaged and physically active.

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Best things to do in Jerusalem with kids | Jerusalem attractions

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