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Fun Things to do in Madrid, Spain with Children

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I have vivid memories in high school of desperately wanting to visit Spain.  I took Spanish classes, read every book I could find about the history, and spent many hours daydreaming of the time I would set foot on...

Salzburg with kids

Sightseeing in Salzburg, Austria with Kids

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Salzburg’s scenic vistas and Alpine setting make it one of the most picturesque cities we’ve visited. We fell in love with the city during our day trip from Munich, Germay. It offered a lot for visitors with varied interests....

Planning International Travel with Kids

Vilamoura - Praia de Falesia in southern Portugal

Favorite Portugal Attractions in Vilamoura and Algarve

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Have you ever happened upon a place that you hadn’t really considered for a vacation, but it quickly became one of your all-time favorites? Portugal, tucked under the geographic wing of Spain, was just such a place for my...