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Breckenridge Summer Fun Park

Summertime at Breckenridge Fun Park

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Breckenridge Summer Fun Park in Breckenridge, CO is a mountain adventure park with a variety of activities for all ages. It is one of the best “fun parks” our family has visited and is one of our favorite things...

5 Best Items to Pack for Outdoor Family Adventures

Cueva Ventana - Puerto Rico Day Trips

Aliens, Bats and Caves: An Adventurous Puerto Rico Day Trip

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There are so many fabulous ways for your family to enjoy the magnificence of the island of Puerto Rico: the spectacular, sun-drenched beaches, historic forts, rhythms of salsa music, and the delicious, culinary offerings. But for my family there were...

6 Days in Kauai with Kids and Chickens

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Of the famous Hawaiian Islands, Kauai is by far our family’s favorite. We’ve been traveling to Hawaii since our oldest daughter was just a little chickadee, and she’s now 13. Together with her younger sister, age 11, our family recently returned...