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Why I Travel

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We all have different reasons for traveling. Some do so because of work. Some are “passport stamp collectors,” just looking to fill their pages by hopping from country to country. Some, believe it or not, will choose a destination solely based on the aircraft that flies there if it offers something new or is a highly rated travel product. (787 Dreamliner, anyone?) I sheepishly admit that I understand that group some. I blame my husband’s quirky interests that have rubbed off on me over the years.

I tried to find my primary answer to why I travel, and realized I don’t have one answer. For me, each vacation has a purpose of its own.

I like to spend time with the people who mean the most to me.

Some would argue that I should try a Staycation, but I don’t want to be distracted by lawn work or the upstairs closet I’ve been meaning to clean out. I want to push pause on the everyday part of my life and take time to focus on my husband, my kids, my extended family, my closest friends.

(But vacations like these work for many people so if you’re one who enjoys staying close to home, read my friend Heather’s great article on Staycation Ideas for Families.)

I like to relax.

We have been to the beach and Walt Disney World time and time again. These are my easy vacations. No real planning necessary. I can book those trips on auto-pilot. I know what we like to do, I know things that we might want to try, and I know that if we miss anything, we’ll be back later to try it. These trips are free of schedules or stress.

I like to explore.

As much as I love my trips that require no planning, I also want to see new things. My list of places I want to see includes most places on this earth. Every landscape, culture, and quirky locale offers something new and something I may never forget.

I like to experience.

This is my adventure side. The side that says, “Let’s do this just to say we did.” I want to try things that are beyond my comfort zone. I want my kids to remember the time we hiked the Machu Picchu or took a microlight flight over Victoria Falls. (We’ve done neither…I’ll add them to my list.)

Do you have other reasons you vacation? What are you looking to do with your vacation time that makes you get out and go?

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