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Where to Travel With Toddlers – My Top Three Destinations

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My husband and I decided early on that we wanted to show our children the world. We also realized, though, that there are places to choose for each stage of their life. Transiting to China with a three-month-old is not my first pick of things to do. (Hats off to those of you with more traveling courage than me!) For these first few years of their lives, we’ve picked destinations that made sense for their ages, the stuff we’ve had to bring along, the amount of activity we can comfortably do together, and what interested all of us as a family. Here are our top three picks for where to travel with toddlers:

Walt Disney World

Many people thought we were crazy to take our kids to Walt Disney World before they could even walk. For us, though, WDW is the “old faithful” of vacation destinations. We’ve each been many times before and are comfortable there. We’ve taken our kids several times as well, and there’s always something new for them to try. (My oldest son has now tried Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but Rock-n-Roller Coaster is still on the “maybe-next-time” list.) For us, WDW offers fast-paced or relaxed, new stuff or old stand-bys, and kid-time or adults-only each time we go:  it’s whatever we choose!

Disney World First Haircut

Our son even got his first haircut at Disney World!

A Beach

Truthfully, I don’t think it matters what beach you go to when your kids are little. For a large part of our country, a beach is not too far away. We trek to the Galveston/Crystal Beach area each summer for an extended family vacation. That is not a white sand, clear blue water beach, but my kids love it. They can still jump the waves, the water is warm, and the sandcastles have more character when there’s gunk in the sand to “decorate” their towering creation. Go ahead, load the kids up and head to the beach closest to you.  And those of you in Florida…I am a little jealous!

Early steps on Galveston Beach.

Early steps on Galveston Beach.

Whatever is Close

Sometimes it’s just easier to make a quick trip so the kids don’t get too worn out and the packing and traveling is not such a major endeavor. For us, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio are within a 3-hour drive. They each offer something unique from their children’s museums and zoos to historical and education attractions to theme parks and even Sea World. After all, my kids love the Chick-fil-a we visited in Temple, Texas, because it had a different playground than what our local one has. They’ve asked to go back on several occasions!

We’ve been fortunate to travel even though we have young kids. While some trips have been more challenging than others, we’ve found plenty of places to travel with toddlers that offer something to interest all of us.

What are some of your favorite destinations with your young children?

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