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Where to go on vacation, Deciding where to travel next

How to Decide Where to Go on Vacation

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The world provides travelers with endless opportunities and locations to explore. How do you choose just one spot for your next adventure when the world is so large and time is so scarce? Here are some tips for deciding where to go on your next vacation.

7 Things to Consider When Deciding Where to Travel Next

1. Travel Desires

What do hope to do on your vacation? Do you wish to relax by the beach, tour ancient cities, visit stunning landscapes or partake in more adventurous activities? Is a location off the beaten path important to you? What about access to top notch restaurants and shopping? These are all questions you should examine prior to deciding your location.

2. Budget

Budget is a huge factor when planning any vacation. There are so many considerations to take into account; flight cost, hotels, activities and meals all add to the budget and must be considered when planning a trip. Will you splurge on this trip, or will this trip be more budget friendly?

3. Be open-minded

Going to new places can be a little intimidating. However, traveling to new places is meant to get us out of our comfort zone and have an experience outside of normal life. Not being able to speak the language, or pronounce the cities shouldn’t deter you from booking that trip.

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4. Time

Consider how much time you have to devote to your travels. Flying 24 hours to Australia from my hometown of Minneapolis doesn’t make much sense if we only have a week of vacation. Save that trip for another day and opt for a location a little closer to home.

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5. Safety

When traveling as a family, safety is my number one priority. While I really do enjoy seeing new places, not every place is safe for family travel. Keep up with the news and what is happening in our world. Don’t let it dictate your decision but be aware of terror alerts overseas.

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6. Further isn’t always better

Don’t forget that we have amazing locations here in the U.S. You don’t have to fly overseas to see beautiful places and experience rich history. We have a little bit of everything for any type of traveler right here at home.

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7. Make a list

Now that you’ve considered all of the above, make a list with your top 5 destinations. With each destination, compare that to your initial reason for traveling. Which location can accomplish most of what you want out of your next vacation?

Once you choose your destination, book it right away. Don’t dwell on your decision, just spend the time leading up to your trip planning and dreaming. Remember, the world will always be there to explore, and as long as you have the desire and will, you can check the next city off your list next time around.

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