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Travel photography: Best photography apps and photography gear

Travel Photography: The Best Gear and Apps

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Do you like to document every moment of your family travel adventures with photographs? For better or worse, my family has learned not to touch their food at dinner while we are traveling — until after I have snapped the perfect photo.

I always travel with my DSLR, GoPro and iPhone. So no matter where we’re going or what we’re doing, my photography gear is the first thing to be packed. However, the truth is that you don’t need a lot of gear to take great travel photographs. With just a few gadgets and photography apps, you can easily become your own family historian.

With so many choices out there, here are a few ideas for photography gear and apps for family travel.

Best Photography Gear for Travel

Take incredible family videos with a GoPro Hero4

Imagine taking an incredible video of your children as they learn to ski or surf. It’s possible, thanks to GoPro. With a wide variety of mounting accessories, you can now record every awesome adventure in high definition video — on land or in the water. I love the ski helmet mount, chest strap, bicycle mount and underwater casing.

Tip: The GoPro accessories can start to look the same once you’ve collected a few. It’s a good idea to label each mount so that you remember what it’s for.

Use your smartphone camera plus a lens

If you’re anything like me, you tend you use your smartphone as your primary travel camera. Even when I have my DSLR with me, there are just some moments that are easier to capture with a picture from my phone. Although many smartphones have exceptional cameras, the olloclip 4-in-1 lens unveils new creative possibilities from a fish-eye view to a macro lens for the ultimate in close-up shots.

Selfie Stick

Who doesn’t love a great selfie? Start a new family tradition by taking a group selfie on each new adventure. Extend the reach of your camera and allow for more background with a selfie stick that stretches into a long arm. Selfie sticks are light, fit easily into a purse or backpack, and can also be useful accessories when snorkeling or scuba diving for up-close shots of coral or fish.

Best Photography Apps

Social media apps for sharing family travel pictures

Love it or hate it, many of us share moments at home and abroad on Facebook. The truth, though, is that there are many other social media platforms for sharing images.

Instagram has quickly become the favorite photography app of many travelers. Accounts can be public or private, ensuring security for those who want it. What I love about Instagram is that, while you can use it to share your photos with family and friends, hashtags also allow you to search for locations to see what other travelers have enjoyed about a destination.

For families that take a lot of videos, you can create a YouTube account that stays private, so that you can share video links with only family or friends.

Turn images into postcards, books or cards

Years ago, I created a photo album for every new travel experience within weeks of returning home. But with so many digital outlets to share images, my printing and photo album making tendencies have disappeared almost entirely.

Here are few ways to transform your digital images. Create photo books, greetings cards, posters or calendars with Print Studio. With Postagram (for iPhone or Android), you can even turn photographs from Instagram, Facebook or your camera roll into postcards that are delivered through the mail to family and friends.

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