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Tips for combining business and personal travel with kids

Tips for Combining Work and Family Trips

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Because I’m an a romance author, I typically go to at least two conferences a year. If these happen to fall on days that the kids are out of school, we try to make a family trip out of it. Though it takes some planning, we’ve traveled to San Diego, San Antonio, New York City, and Atlanta as a result of conferences.

9 tips for combining business and personal travel with kids

1. Your spouse or partner has to be engaged. This is a big one. Since you’re going primarily for business and will be occupied for a good part of the time, your partner will be in charge of the kids a lot. This leads to my second tip for combining business and personal travel with kids.

2. Cut your partner some slack. They’ve had the kids all day, while on vacation. Ice cream is a perfectly acceptable breakfast.

3. Accept that you will miss some things. Because it’s a split trip, you’re going to be in meetings or classes while your family is off having fun. Look at it as way for the kids to make some special memories with the other parent.

4. Do something together as a family in the evenings if possible. Odds are, you’ll have at least one evening free, spend it doing something fun! Go see a play, concert, or sporting event. Or, even better, follow my fifth tip for combining work and family travel below.

5. Give your partner the evening off, and you take the kids. Let your spouse enjoy a night out or book a spa service for your significant other during the day.

6. Extend your trip beyond the conference. This way, you can have some fun, too. Or, consider my next tip.

7. Travel to a nearby location before or after the conference. When I had a conference in San Diego, we flew into San Francisco a few days before to spend some time there.

8. Make sure your kids know what to expect. Setting expectations beforehand makes everything run smoother and will hopefully decrease the, “Mommy, where were you today?” questions.

9. Remember you’re a parent. I don’t know about all conferences, but some of the ones I’ve been to can get pretty crazy. If you’re in a public space with conference or work buddies, remember that little eyes and ears may be nearby.

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