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Tips for Baseball Trips to MLB Stadiums

Tips for Taking Baseball Trips to MLB Stadiums

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We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend three Major League Baseball (MLB) games last summer in three different cities. If your travel plans include a visit to a baseball park, here are some tips that will hopefully make for a smooth game day.


1. Check out ticket prices from multiple vendors. We found ordering tickets from the official MLB site for the San Diego Padres was cheaper than a resale vendor. However, the opposite was true for both the San Francisco Giants and the Baltimore Orioles.

2. Make sure you confirm the total ticket price. Yes, it may look like a good deal, but will the vendor add on taxes, shipping, handling, and delivery fees? I’ve seen $20 or more added to ticket prices in fees.

3. Research the seats before you buy. Check out sites like View From My Seat or From This Seat. I highly recommend Best Baseball Seats which includes information like: Best Seats for Families, Best Value Seats, and Seats to Avoid.


1. Do your research and find out what time the gates open. Keep in mind there will be lines, especially if the stadium is offering a special promotional item that day.

2. Don’t take a bag if you can possibly get away with it. It’s so nice to walk through the “Guests with No Bags” line. If you do need to bring a bag, check the stadium’s website to determine if there are size restrictions.

3. Once more, I recommend Best Baseball Seats for additional research. On this site I learned that because we were visiting AT&T Park in San Francisco on a Sunday, we could arrive early for Autograph Sunday.

Baseball trips - Camden Yards in Baltimore

Taking baseball trips with kids is fun, especially when you do your research beforehand!


1. There will be A LOT of people leaving at the same time. If you aren’t driving, know your transportation options and plan in advance. Some options, like the ferry at AT&T Park, may not be able to accommodate walk ups. In other locations, nearby subway transportation options may be very crowded.

2. Take your time. Shop. Eat. Odds are, there’s plenty to do around the park. While in Baltimore, we knew it’d be next to impossible to hail a cab right away, so we ate at nearby restaurant after the game and had no problems catching an Uber back.

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