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Road Trip Tips

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The car is packed to the gills and you’ve got everything planned for an amazing road trip! To make sure you haven’t forgotten any necessities, check out these tips and tricks from our well-traveled Hilton Mom Voyage team.

Let the kids get creative and be an active part of the trip

  • Bring sketchbooks, pens, pencils, journals and write after every stop.
  • Give each kid a copy of your map and a highlighter to track the trip.
  • Write messages to each other or other travelers with window markers.
  • Have fun with packable crafts like Wikki Stix.

Use technology to your best advantage

  • Find books on tape at the library or on Spotify.
  • Bring the kids’ favorite DVDs.
  • Sing along to music everyone likes on CDs or your iPod.
  • Don’t forget the chargers!

Play the games we loved as kids

  • Create a road-trip scavenger hunt.
  • Teach them how to play the license plate game.
  • Indulge of a game of good ol’ fashioned “I Spy.”
  • Print out some cards for Road Trip Bingo.
  • Pack travel-sized games like Yahtzee, Battleship and Connect Four.

Consider these planning tips and tricks

  • Bring plenty of snacks. (Clementines are healthy and make the car smell nice!)
  • Map out your stops and only let them drink water about an hour before you stop.
  • Give each kid $5 in advance for good behavior; take it away if they don’t listen.
  • Leave early in the morning or around naptime.
  • Take Pillow Pets or other cozy neck pillows in the car for napping or resting.

We hope that you find these road trip tips helpful when planning your next excursion. Just make sure to leave some time for the unexpected, including sights, side trips, adventures. Take the road less traveled – you never know where it may lead you!

Take a look at all of our road trip tips. Then, we would love it if you would share your favorite tips in the comments below so we can learn from you, as well!

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Our Hilton Mom Voyage team members live throughout the U.S. and have traveled by air and car all over the world with their families!

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