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Relieve Ear Pressure Pain by sucking fingers

Relieve Ear Pressure Pain When Flying

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Ear pain and pressure during takeoff and landing is no fun. Over the years, I’ve had my share of this discomfort and my kids have too. We’ve successfully tried several different remedies for this, and what I’ve found is that different strategies work differently for each of us. Here are ways to relieve ear pressure pain when flying.

Ear plugs

Not just any ear plugs, but ear plugs that are specially designed to regulate pressure in the ear. They work as simply as just popping them in your ears. They come in adult sizes as well as children’s sizes, too.


Chewing gum or sucking on hard candy can help your mouth produce saliva, which induces the swallowing process. Swallowing frequently relaxes the Eustachian tube inside the ear and allows for air pressure to equalize inside and outside the ear.


The same as above, if your nursing child begins to whimper and show signs of ear pain, this is one of the most convenient ways ever to soothe him/her. The swallowing will ease the pain, while the comfort of mom helps them feel safe. If you don’t breastfeed, a bottle will do just as well, as will a sippy cup or other drink for older children.


For children who suck their thumbs, fingers or pacifiers, this habit is another good way for them to sooth themselves. It offers the same benefits of the other sucking methods to relieve ear pressure pain as above.


If you’re okay with it, taking a decongestant works well for relieving inner ear pressure pain. Taking it relieves any built-up nasal congestion, and opens the Eustachian tube. I’ve found that it’s best to use nasal or oral decongestants 30 minutes to an hour prior to your plane taking off.

It’s not all the time that we experience this discomfort, but when we do, we like to relieve it as soon as possible. I am sure that one of these suggestions will help. If it does, let us know with a comment!

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