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Toddler's First Trip to the Zoo

Preparing Your Toddler for a Trip to the Zoo

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Taking a trip to the zoo may seem not seem like a big deal to you, but taking this trip for the first time as a toddler may cause different reactions. We always hope for the best, but seeing a over-sized alligator or an elephant up close is a lot different than seeing in a storybook. In case you’re planning to take your child to the zoo for the first time, here are tips for preparing your toddler for a trip to the zoo.

Build the anticipation

Before your toddler”s first zoo trip, it’s fun to read books about the different animals that you’ll probably see during your visit. This will heighten the senses of your inquisitive child and bring the this fun experience full circle when the day arrives.

Get on their level

When you’re enjoying the sights and checking out the animals, you may want to, literally, get down at their eye level to make sure that a barricade or a rail is not in the way of them enjoying the view. This may result in that extra little hoist that they need to see the animals better and the perfect moment to sneak a kiss or tickle a belly button!

Bring the stroller

Don’t shy away from bringing this necessary item with you. No matter how independent your tot is, your toddler will definitely get tired of walking at some point during the trip. You don’t want to end your fun trip to the zoo early with a screaming, exhausted toddler!

Pack healthy snacks

There are plenty of food items available at the zoo. However, if you want to cut costs and safeguard your toddler from a sugar rush, this is the way to go. Be sure to pack goodies that will allow them to still snack and stroll, like apple sauce squeezables or string cheese.

Be comfy and casual

Because a lot of the zoo animals are out in the open, be sure to dress for season. We took our toddler to the Bronx Zoo during the fall and she was perfect in layers. In contrast, if you’re visiting during the summer months, be sure to pack the sunscreen.

No matter the zoo, the city or the season, your toddler is sure to enjoy the zoo if you take cues from them. Just keep it simple and have fun! You’ve already succeeded if you’ve kept them from being wet, tired or hungry during the trip.

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