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My must have travel accessories

My Must-Have Travel Accessories

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I have a bin in my closet devoted to travel. I keep a travel size of all toiletries in addition to my accessories. Packing is quick and painless with the right tools. Here a a few of my must-have travel accessories.

Power Adapter with USB Ports

When traveling out of the country a power adapter is a must. For our recent trip to Europe, I found a power adapter with USB ports. I was able to charge multiple items with one adapter.

Bag Bungee

I always have a carry on plus a tote or backpack. The Travelon Bag Bungee holds my tote or backpack securely on top of my carry on. It attaches easily and allows me to carry everything with just one hand.

Vacation Vault

A Vacation Vault is a portable safe that attaches to a beach chair, umbrella or fence. It is large enough to hold a cell phone and camera, but still small enough to be packed. The safe not only holds your valuables, it will also keep them dry and sand-free.

Quart Size TSA Compliant Reusable Bag

I was thrilled to get rid of the plastic bags I used to carry on liquids while flying. They are flimsy and by the end of the trip there is always a tear. I was free of the hassle when I found quart size TSA compliant reusable bags. They are durable and if something spills while in route, a quick rinse in the sink will make them new again.

Packing cubes

I can’t say enough about packing cubes. They simplify packing and help keep the entire family organized. On our recent 10-day trip we stayed in four different hotels. The packing cubes helped us pack and repack easily. I could find any item at a moment’s notice with our color-coded bags. Get more tips and read about which cubes I prefer in my other article, Travel Packing Tips.

Compression bags

Compression bags compact clothing so you have more room in your suitcase. I don’t use them for initial packing. I use them during my vacation to store dirty clothes. Not only do compression bags create more room in my suitcase for travel souvenirs, they keep the dirty clothes separate from the clean clothes and make it so it’s easy to put clothes directly into the washing machine when we return from our trip.

Now that you’ve seen my list, what are some of your must-have travel accessories? Please let us know in the comments below.

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