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Make the Most of Your Staycation

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Chances are you have never truly explored every point of interest in your own city. Especially natives, who for some reason, feel they’ve seen and done everything there is to do. Going somewhere different and doing something fun does not require a passport. Nor does it mean leaving your own [theoretical] backyard. The next time you want to go on quick vacation, but keep it low-key, here is how to make the most of your staycation.

Just go!

Book a night or two at a local hotel and get ready for lots of smiles and thank you’s. It’s amazing how much kids change with a simple pool, great amenities and just the change of environment. You can also ask the hotel to put you at the end of the hall, so that your kids can be footloose and fancy free without you worrying about the noise level so much.

Eat your heart out!

Not having to prepare meals and free soda refills for the kids are a win-win for everybody. Don’t forget, easy is best. Your hotel restaurant is most often family friendly and the idea of staying in one spot is VERY attractive to me! If you choose not to eat in the hotel restaurant, go to a family-friendly restaurant that you’ve never been to before. Have fun trying something delicious and different to eat!

Become a tourist.

You’ve been to the malls. You’ve been to movies. Become a tourist in your own city. For starters, try the zoo or head to your local museum. Museums are hidden treasures, especially children’s museums. If you haven’t visited one yet, this is a perfect opportunity to go. Children’s museum expect kids to be kids, and the children will get to experience education while having fun!

Add a little something special.

I love the element of surprise. I also love using my Kids’ Rewards coupon book. It’s full of reward coupons that show the kids how much you love them. From “a night at the movies” to “a free candy bar of their choice,” this is a nice touch to a low-key staycation. If you don’t own a own coupon book, try making one or make a nice goodie bag of your kids’ simple pleasures and make your staycation memorable!

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