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6 Ways to Keep Your Miles & Points From Expiring

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Whether you’re a road warrior or an occasional family traveler, you should always sign up for loyalty rewards programs in the travel industry. These free programs allow you to accrue points for staying in a hotel, taking a flight, riding a train, renting a car, and more. These programs usually have expiration dates associated with the rewards currency, but you can extend the life of your points and miles by having some type of activity in your account for most loyalty programs. There are numerous ways to do this, which keeps those miles and points alive for free family fun later.

Get Out and Travel

The most obvious way to extend an expiration date is to travel. Be sure to include your loyalty number in your reservation to accrue the points or miles, and look for any bonus opportunities or promotions to gain even more points.

Shop Online with Portals

Many major travel providers have shopping portals that will award you points just for clicking through and shopping with major retailers. Evreward.com and Cashbackmonitor.com are two “portal finders” that will show you which shopping portals are offering the highest return, so you can keep your points alive and also add the most points to your account.

Use Loyalty Credit Cards

You can also add points and miles to your account by using a co-branded credit card. Most travel providers have one or more credit cards that earn points in their reward programs. If you choose to use a credit card, you might as well be earning some rewards and keeping your reward accounts active.

Donate Points/Miles

Many travel providers have the option to donate points or miles to a charitable organization. Because any activity usually keeps your account from expiring, donating some miles or points will often extend the life of the rest of your rewards as well as helping out others.

Take Advantage of Partners

Did you know you can earn hotel points or American Airlines miles when flying British Airways? If you are using a travel provider that you don’t expect to utilize again soon, find out if you can have your points credited to a program that you use more often. This will extend the life of the points in that program without setting up another account with a few “orphan points” that you never get to use.

Keep Track of Expiration Dates

Finally, it’s important to know when your points and miles are going to expire. Any of the above options can take a few days or a few weeks to update in your account. AwardWallet.com is a great site to keep up with your loyalty programs and can send you messages when expiration dates are approaching. By keeping your loyalty accounts active and expiration dates far in the future, you’re that much closer to being able to cash in for free or at least reduced-cost travel.

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