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Five Fun Tips to Survive a Family Road Trip

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Taking the roadway and not the runway for your next trip? Check out these five fun tips to survive a road trip with your family.

1. Make sure the electronics are charged.

I know that this should be an opportunity to bond and catch up with one another because of business of our daily lives, but let’s face it…electronics are oftentimes life savers. And when they are fully charged, life can much easier. Be careful if you have a child that suffers from motion sickness. Constant looking down while the car is in motion, sometimes makes symptoms worse.

2. Leave early.

If you’re able to, leave at dawn. That way, the kids will still be drowsy and hopefully the ride will extend their slumber until it’s time to stop for breakfast. It also makes traffic much lighter and more relaxing for the parent who’s driving. Be sure to pack plenty of pillows and blankets to provide optimal relaxation (for the children, that is).

3. Sing.

100 bottles of milk on the wall? Ummm no. But listening to music that everyone likes to hear can help. Having your very own car version of a hybrid of American Idol and Killer Karaoke is actually quite fun. These fun outbursts of complete and utter familial embarrassment not only break up the trip, but create some pretty fun memories before AND after your vacation.

4. Keep their minds and hands busy.

I usually go on a shopping spree at the dollar store before we road trip. Not only for containers and snacks, but for crayons, markers, activity books, etc. You can have a road trip scavenger hunt, trying to spot certain things on the road. If you don’t make it to the store, there are tons of road trip printables that can be found on the web that you can print for the ride, as well as apps that help you along the way.

5. Road Trip Clips.

Each child has a clip. (Think personalized clothespin or decorated chip clip.) At the start of the trip, all of the clips are clipped onto the sun visor. If the child is well-behaved, the clip stays up. If they are not, it comes down. Everyone with a clip on the visor, gets a treat at the next stop. This may be more useful for younger ones, but clever nonetheless.

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