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Favorite Vacation Activities for Toddlers and Young Children

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Many times when I’m planning a family trip I’ve run into challenges finding something that’s interesting for all of us but age-appropriate for the kids, too. However, there are a few things I look for on each trip that are almost guaranteed winners with the whole crew.


My husband grew up on a rice and crawfish farm, and I lived on a family dairy. Although we still live in the country, my kids are already far-removed from farm life. Most kids (mine, at least) love to learn how things grow or what you do with animals. We’ve experienced the “old-way” of farming at the Homestead Fair held each fall near Waco, Texas. We’ve enjoyed seeing a coffee bean farm in Hawaii, a musk ox farm in Alaska, and a banana plantation in Costa Rica. Each has been a unique experience and kept us looking for the next farm tour.

Visiting the Musk Ox Farm

Visiting a Musk Ox Farm in Alaska was an interesting and educational travel experience for us and our young children.

Playgrounds & Parks

Wherever you go, it’s nice to have some time to just run, climb, and play. It helps the little ones to have a chance to work out some energy and gives the parents a small respite as well. With luck, you’ll even run into some chatty locals who will give you some good tips for your next activity or interesting information about day-to-day life where they live. Search before you leave to find a couple of good options nearby.


It’s also fun to have some age-appropriate adventure built into your touring schedules. With small kids, the “adventure” factor that is huge to them is probably fairly tame to mom and dad but can still be fun for everyone. My family is taking up bicycling together, and I’m looking forward to taking a bike ride through the countryside on our trip this summer. A canoe ride down a river or rollerblading at a skate park can all be fun for the little ones. Just be sure your kids are ready and use safety equipment to minimize the chance for mishaps along the way!

Have you found “must-dos” on your vacations with young children? What are some of your favorite things to do?

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