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Tips to Plan Business Travel with Teens

Business Trips and Teens: A Beautiful Combination

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Combining business trips with family travel is too good an opportunity to pass up, and I simply enjoy a trip more if my kids are with me. As a single parent, bringing my children with me when they were younger was a necessity, but as teenagers, it’s generally optional, unless the trip is more than a few days. To make the trip go more smoothly, I have a few tips I follow for the good of all of us.

4 Tips to Plan Business Travel with Teens

Hotel Location

While it’s important for the hotel to be located within a reasonable distance from my temporary place of business while traveling, I place much more value on my kids being within walking distance of areas of interest while also being in a safe neighborhood. My intent is for my kids to get out and about a bit while I’m gone, so my location selection is based on making this easier for them.

Activities Upon Arrival

I leave time when we arrive in a city to walk the areas of interest with them near our hotel. This gives us a chance to scope out where everything is and get a feel for the neighborhood in terms of what feels comfortable and what doesn’t.

We then make a beeline to the very important convenience store for midday snacks and lunch. Lunches are simple meals for us, so we stock up on cheese, crackers, and fruit to keep in the room to tide them over until dinner on the days that I’m working.

Keeping in Touch While Sight Seeing

On the days when I’m off in meetings, my teens are then on their own. They are tasked with keeping their phones charged during the day and texting when they depart the hotel, arrive at their destination, depart their destination, and arrive back at the hotel. While we’ll have a general plan of what they’ll be doing for the day, they generally enjoy the freedom of figuring it out as they go along. I love hearing about what they’ve decided to do also and particularly enjoy seeing how confident they feel after a day on their own.

Dinner Plans

While we always eat dinner together, I don’t hesitate to bring them along on business dinners at times. It’s very good for them to experience more formal dining events where they must interact with people they don’t know, and it’s educational for them to experience a little about their parents business life, which after all, funds their own lives. If no business dinners are necessary, I turn the restaurant selection over to them and enjoy sitting down to hear about their day on their own.

I love traveling with my teens and doing so while I’m traveling for business has been great fun. They get to experience some independence while traveling, and I look forward to my evenings after work when I can hang out with them.

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