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Best Travel Snacks for Kids

Best Travel Snacks for Kids

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I have sat next to someone who brought an entire pizza box on the plane, and I will never forget the homemade salami and pepperoncini sandwich that sat next to me for a four-hour flight. While I agree that food is a must when traveling, there are plenty of ways to pack it and keep everyone happy, including your seat neighbors. The smartest strategy to survive a flight with kids is to pack healthy meals and several snacks. Here are my picks for the best travel snacks for kids.

Grapes and Cheese

Fruit is one of my favorite travel snacks for kids (and adults). Grapes are durable and rarely make a mess. They are sweet and crunchy and always requested by my kids. Freeze the grapes the night before traveling in a small resealable container. Add some small slices of cheese to the frozen grapes container in the morning. By the time hunger strikes mid-flight, the grapes will be thawed and the cheese will stay chilled.

Hummus and Carrots

Just like the grapes and cheese, hummus and carrots are a crunchy, sweet and protein-filled snack. Freeze the carrots in a small resealable container and then add a single serving of hummus to the container before traveling. Individual servings of hummus can be found at most grocery stores, or make your own by spooning hummus into a small container that can fit with the carrots. I also often pack pita chips or crackers.


When it comes to healthy snacks, plain popcorn always makes our list of the best travel snacks for kids. Popcorn is also a great traveling snack. Skip the microwave brands that are high in salt that can add to dehydration during a flight. Air pop popcorn and divide it into individual bags. Add some dried fruit or nuts to the popcorn for more flavor. Popcorn is durable when packed, and when paired with a great movie on a mobile device, traveling kids are happy!


I frequently bake and have found that packing some muffins when traveling make an easy handheld meal for my kids. Find a recipe with some added protein like nut butters or oatmeal to help keep kids full. I pack muffins individually in resealable bags. I also add a napkin to each bag to make a placemat for the crumbs.


Cereal is a no-fail travel snack for kids. My kids snack on dry cereal any time of the day. Put individual servings into individual resealable bags. I have found that flake cereal crushes too easily, but more durable cereal like mini wheat squares or Cheerios seem to withstand the jostling in a carry-on bag. For fun and variety, pack multiple bags of cereal.

What are your favorite healthy travel snacks for kids? Please share them with us in the comments below!

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