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Activities for a Rainy Day at the Beach

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Beach vacation season is here!

You’ve packed the bathing suits, floaties, sand toys, blankets, sun shield, and, of course, sunscreen. Your family is ready for a beach vacation! But, as we all know, Mother Nature may not comply with your wishes for bright, beautiful skies, and you may find yourself with a day or two of rain. You could go out and enjoy the surf, as long as it’s safe, but the Hilton Mom Voyage team has a few ideas of some activities you can enjoy if you find yourself having to stay inside while at the beach.

If you want to stay in:

  • Use Netflix to order on-demand movies
  • Play spoons and other card games
  • Start a game of charades
  • Go on an inside scavenger hunt

If you’re up for venturing out:

  • Find the closest movie theater
  • Check out local museums
  • See if there is a skating rink nearby
  • Look for an aquarium, which are often popular near beach locations
  • Go bowling
  • Try your hand at laser tag

What does your family do when you face a rainy day on a beach vacation? Let us know in the comments below!

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Our Hilton Mom Voyage team members live throughout the U.S. and have traveled by air and car all over the world with their families!

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