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15 Guys Trip Ideas

15 Guy’s Trip Ideas

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This month we get to celebrate dear ol’ Dad. Let’s forgo the necktie this year (is anyone still wearing those?) and give him something he can really get excited about: some time with his buddies! Girl’s trips are popular for moms, and it may be time bring in the same excitement for the men in our lives. Here are a few guy’s trip ideas which could also be great Father’s Day gifts!

1. Fishing Trip

Fly-fishing, a deep-sea charter trip, or a day casting on the lake might be a great way for Dad to spend some time. Consider what’s close to you and plan a day trip or long weekend outing. Oftentimes guided trips include necessary licenses and equipment, so finding the date and making the booking may be all you need to do.

2. Whitewater Rafting

If the Dad in your life enjoys an adrenaline rush, consider a whitewater rafting trip. You might choose mild rapids lasting just a day or go for a multi-night camping and rafting combo trip with some higher class rapids.

3. Culinary Class

Heading indoors for culinary classes is also a good option for the Dad who might not be as excited about being out in the elements. From seafood to hearty meals, ethnic cuisine to grilling delights, a cooking class could be a nice retreat for Dad with the added benefit of testing his new skills when he returns home.

4. Baseball Outing

Nothing is more American than guys at a baseball game. Splurge on some prime tickets to a nearby stadium or go all-in with a weekend trip to a new city or ballpark that he’s never visited before.

5. Aircraft & Space Travel

For the technical Dad, visiting NASA or an aircraft manufacturer might be something new and interesting. Most people realize that NASA has visitor centers in Texas, Alabama, and Florida, but you might not know that there are also centers in Ohio, Mississippi, Virginia, California, Maryland, and New York. If Dad is more interested in travel within our stratosphere, a tour of the Boeing facility in Everett Washington, 25 miles north of Seattle, would be a definite win or see if an Air Show is coming to a town near you.

6. Car Racing

Does your Dad enjoy speed and engines? Try tickets to a NASCAR event for a great guy’s trip, or consider putting him behind the wheel for his own car racing experience. These activities are popping up all over the country, and chances are good there’s one near you.

7. Concert Tickets

Is the Dad in your life hard core rock ‘n’ roll, a classical guy, or country & western? Check out the touring schedule for his favorite group, and put together a concert package that will leave him singing for a long time.

8. Beach Adventure

A fairly easy trip to throw together is a few days at the beach. Book one of the many Hilton Hotels & Resorts at a beach near you, and the majority of the work is done! The guys can try out dune buggies in the sand, rent jet skis for on-water action, spend some time surf fishing, or enjoy a beach BBQ in the evening.

9. Golf Vacation

Send the golf-enthused Dad to play his favorite course or try a new location. This guy’s trip can be as simple and local or exotic and elite as you want to make it.

10. Ghost Tour

For a trip on the supernatural side, book a guys trip to include a ghost tour. While places like New Orleans are known for their friends from the far side, phantoms are not zip code specific. Many cities host ghost tours, so check nearby for reported banshees and bogeys to scare up a good time for Dad.

11. SCUBA Diving

If Dad is a certified diver, a guy’s trip to explore a new underwater world would definitely be a win. But non-certified Dad’s can try it out by booking a SNUBA excursion where you dive while your tanks float at the surface. Another fun idea: book a SCUBA certification class followed by a diving trip. Check with a local dive shop for advice and details.

12. Hiking the Outdoors

National Parks and State Parks are a treasure trove of beautiful scenery in the rugged outdoors. Let Dad get back to nature with some hiking and exploring in a nearby park. Camping is optional; refuge in a nearby Hilton may be preferred.

13. Water & Amusement Parks

No, Dad probably doesn’t want to take his friends to Sesame Place or even Walt Disney World, but serious roller coasters or water slides at a nearby amusement park could be a hit. Want to get really wild and crazy? Send him to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi for a unique theme park trip.

14. Video Game Convention

If the Dad in your life is a video game enthusiast to the extreme, check out a video game convention or conference. These trade shows highlight video games, computers, and related products and are held in major cities across the U.S.

15. Cave Exploring

Send Dad into the crevices of the earth on a cave exploration trip. Check State and National Parks for opportunities or look into privately owned, commercial tour caves. From Canada to Mexico, there are plenty of places to find the fascination of the underground.

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