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10 Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

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We all know that traveling with children can be somewhat difficult. So, traveling with toddlers can be downright intimidating. The best thing to do is just make your travel plans and just get out there and learn from your experiences. With each child, I’ve learned plenty of tricks to making the trip a success! Here are few nuggets for traveling with your precious bundle!

1. Dress them for convenience, not fashion.

When you’re traveling to and from your destination, cute clothes are optional. Dress them in the easiest articles of clothing that will allow easy-on/easy-off diaper changes.

2. Bring your toddler’s birth certificate.

This is particularly important if they’re under two years of age and a lap child. Defending your child’s age, with no proof, could possibly cause you to miss your flight.

3. If possible, book a hotel suite.

Since most toddlers go to bed earlier than the rest of the family, having a quiet place of their own to sleep is ideal.

4. Full itinerary? Plan downtime around nap time.

Cranky toddlers are not the best travel companions. Trust me!

5. Wear your baby.

There are several “in-the front” and “on-your-back” baby carriers on the market. If your toddler is still within the weight requirements, by all means, strap them and whisk them through the airport and other place, virtually “hands free.”

6. Play with your baby.

I know this sounds oversimplified, but at this stage, YOU are your baby’s favorite toy! Be prepared to “Row your boat” and “Pat-a-cake” your heart out. Don’t mind the adults around you. Every parent will understand.

7. The longer the layover the better.

If you’re on a connecting flight, we as adults usually want that window of time to be small. When traveling with a toddler, it’s quite the opposite. Appreciate the time to feed them a snack, change their diaper and let them stretch those little legs, by running through the terminal (that is, if it’s not too crowded).

8. Stress-free and mess-free feeding is easier than you think.

Nowadays, there are all sorts of pouches full of squeezable goodness. From fruit to actual pureed meals, these are excellent when you add the spoon attachments. If you’re brave or have a skillful self-feeder hand it to them to snack and enjoy! (I’d like to also add that this may not be a good time to introduce new foods.)

9. Pack new toys!

You may have had the talking bear for months, but if they haven’t seen it, pack it and show it off to them. Hopefully, their curiosity will keep them entertained for at least a little while.

10. Be patient….with yourself and with your baby.

Lots of times, frustration can be the first emotion that we feel when our novice traveler wants to have a mini-meltdown. Well, there are a lot of “scary” noises, spaces, and even faces out there to your little one. So, just get them out there and show them to the world and show THEM the world!

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