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  1. Deutsches Museum guitar

    Deutsches Museum

  2. Deutsches Museum wheel

    Deutsches Museum Treadmill

  3. Munich river surfers

    Eisbach River Surfers

  4. Munich English garden tower

    English Garden Chinese Tower

  5. Munich English Garden

    English Garden Lake

  6. Top sights to see with kids in Munich Germany

    English Garden Pretzel

  7. German countryside

    German countryside

  8. things to do with kids in Munich, Germany

    German Musicians near Hofgarten

  9. Herrenchiemsee facade

    Herrenchiemsee Facade

  10. Herrenchiemsee ferry

    Herrenchiemsee Ferry

  11. Herrenchiemsee fountain

    Herrenchiemsee Fountain

  12. Herrenchiemsee fountains

    Herrenchiemsee Fountains

  13. Herrenchiemsee Palace

    Herrenchiemsee Palace

  14. Herrenchiemsee grounds

    Herrenchiemsee Palace Grounds

  15. Chiemsee Germany

    Herrenchiemsee Palace – Lake Chiemsee

  16. Prien ferry ride

    Herrenchiemsee – Taking the Ferry

  17. Herrenchiemsee with kids

    Herrenchiemsee With Kids

  18. My Little Hilton

    Hilton Munich City – My Little Hilton Backpacks

  19. My Little Hilton check-in

    Hilton Munich City – My Little Hilton Check-In

  20. My Little Hilton check-in steps

    Hilton Munich City – My Little Hilton Check-In Steps

  21. My Little Hilton goodies

    Hilton Munich City – My Little Hilton Welcome Gifts

  22. Hilton Munich City Indoor Pool

    Hilton Munich Park Indoor Pool

  23. Hofbrau Maypole

  24. Things to Eat in Munich Germany

    Hofbraukeller Restaurant