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Top Things to do in Paris with Kids

12 Memorable Experiences in Paris

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Paris is a great travel destination for families and offers something for everybody to enjoy. There is so much history, culture and fantastic architecture. There are so many delicious foods to enjoy, so many world class attractions to visit,...

Visiting Paris with kids after the attacks

Why My Family Will Still Travel to Paris

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Every chance we get my family hits the road or skies in search of new adventures. My kids have ziplined, parasailed, snorkeled, star gazed, skied, and enjoyed all sorts of unique experiences before even hitting their double digits. I love that their...

Visiting the Louvre Paris with kids

Why Kids Will Love Visiting the Louvre: A Family-Friendly Guide

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I have always been thrilled that my two girls were interested in art from a very early age so I was looking forward to visiting the Louvre during our trip to Paris. But even for them, like most kids, the prospect...

Bike About Tours Paris

Bike Tour of Paris – The Perfect Way to See it All

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There is a long list of sites that must be seen in Paris. Planning our trip, I knew exactly what I wanted my kids to see in our short time in Paris. I wanted my kids to see the...