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Washington DC Attractions - The White House

Five Ways to See Washington, D.C. Attractions Without a Car

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In a city with so many sights to see, Washington, D.C. has a myriad of transportation options that don’t involve the hassle of renting a car. If you’re planning a family vacation to our nation’s capital, consider relying on...

Things to do in Alexandria VA: Walking through Old Town

Things to do in Alexandria, VA with Kids

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For anyone that lives in the Washington, D.C. area, walking along the streets of Old Town Alexandria in Virginia for an afternoon or evening is a popular family outing. Families that want to visit Washington, D.C. as a family...

Visiting Arlington National Cemetery

Visiting Arlington National Cemetery with Children

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Arlington National Cemetery is a national shrine and performs up to 30 funeral services a day. As such, there rules for visitors to the cemetery, although these can be easily accommodated when visiting with children. The grounds encompass over 600...

Poison Arrow Frogs - Washington DC National Zoo

Best Way to See the Animals at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

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The National Zoo is a great place to take children while in Washington, D.C. It’s free, easy to reach, and has so many animals of interest to kids. In fact, for younger children, there may very well be too...