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Best fall travel destinations - Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Best Travel Destinations for Fall

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Earlier in the year, I proposed the idea that every city has its glory season, the time of year when a city shows its best self and its residents are most proud to welcome visitors. At that time, I...

San Francisco Day Trip: Marin Headlands, Sausalito, Cross Golden Gate Bridge

Cross the Golden Gate Bridge for a Great San Francisco Day Trip

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San Francisco is my hometown, so when we go back for a visit it’s like a trip back to the old stomping grounds. But now with the kids in tow, it’s a bit of a different experience. No more...

Best day trips from San Francisco

5 Best Day Trips from San Francisco

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There’s a lot to see in San Francisco, there’s no doubt. Hilton San Francisco Union Square and Hilton San Francisco Financial District can also be a great home bases from which to take some quick and easy day trips. When making...

Fort Point San Francisco - Exterior

Visit Civil War-Era Fort Point in San Francisco

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Stand in the center of San Francisco’s Civil War-era fortification Fort Point and look up into its multi-tiered system of brick arches. It isn’t difficult to imagine soldiers preparing for duty, even walking the top levels while scanning the...