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Fun Museums in Los Angeles for kids

Fun Museums in Los Angeles for Kids

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Museums don’t easily come to mind when considering things to do in Los Angeles with kids. However, like many major cities, Los Angeles has a collection of renowned museums with varied and unique exhibits. The museums in Los Angeles...

Free museum days in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles

Free Museum Days in NYC, San Francisco and Los Angeles

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Many parents have been there. You’ve gotten wind of a cool exhibit to check out while you’re traveling. You’ve done the research. It’s a high end museum offering something to adult sensibilities as well catering to the kiddos. You...

Free Things to do with Kids Throughout the United States

Universal Studios Hollywood: Touring the Land of Movies

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My family not only loves a good blockbuster, we’re fascinated by what goes into making one. So when we had the opportunity to visit Universal Studios Hollywood, the place where many of our favorite movies and TV shows are...